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February 22, 2024

Launching STYX Barcelona

February 22, 2024
Launching STYX Barcelona

As a part of our expansion into Europe, we are excited to announce that Barcelona will be home to our first STYX Urban Living Lab in southern Europe. The Mediterranean gem not only boasts one of the world's most livable environments but also ranks third among founders' preferred places to start a startup today, just behind London and Berlin. Over the past decade, Barcelona's ecosystem has seen significant success, with a rise in venture capital and the emergence of seven unicorns. Today, according to Startup Genome, Barcelona ranks second globally among emerging ecosystems. This spring we will launch the Urban Living Lab as the first purely PropTech and UrbanTech-focused investor in the ecosystem.

Empowering Smart City Solutions

Barcelona's rise as a smart city pioneer is no secret and the journey is far from over. While venture verticals like gaming and digital health have thrived, there is an opportunity and funding gap in the earliest stages of PropTech and UrbanTech. Enter STYX, the first VC in Barcelona solely dedicated to early-stage founders with bold ideas to make cities and buildings future proof. By focusing on this niche, STYX not only addresses a critical need in the ecosystem but also pays into Barcelona’s agenda as one of the most progressive and smart cities worldwide.

Early Investment, Accelerated Growth

STYX is not just another venture capital firm. Investing as early as a business angel, we offer more than just capital. Providing access to real-world testing opportunities and a commercialization platform in the Urban Living Lab allows us to assess even pre-revenue companies. Our approach combines the value add of a strategist with a classical VC playbook. The result is a shortcut to the market and subsequent funding rounds for our startups. This makes STYX an interesting, industry focused partner for Barcelona’s buzzing early-stage VC community.

Gateway to the DACH Market

With over three years of operations in Germany, STYX brings more than just funding to Barcelona. Leveraging synergies, we provide access to the vast DACH market. With deep roots in the German real estate ecosystem, STYX offers PropTech and UrbanTech startups unparalleled access to one of Europe's most robust and affluent markets. With further Urban Living Labs in Germany and Scandinavia, we bring new avenues for growth to the local PropTech scene.

At STYX, we are driven by a vision of catalyzing UrbanTech innovation, and Barcelona embodies that spirit of endless possibilities. With our local venture partner and managing director Josep R. Novell LL.M., a true Barcelona native with deep roots in the local business community, STYX aims to become part of the city's entrepreneurial fabric.

As we embark on this journey together, we invite Barcelona's UrbanTech community to join us in shaping the future of cities. Together, we will unlock the full potential of urban innovation, one startup at a time. Welcome to STYX Barcelona - where dreams take flight and cities come to life.

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