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Imagine a place where your startup, your investors, customers and users are all on the same page. The Urban Living Lab is such a place - it's all about true value add for early stage startups in and around the built environment.

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We are a European team of experienced entrepreneurs, real estate veterans, ecosystem architects, fund managers and corporate leaders.

David Zwilling



David is a seasoned entrepreneur having exited a startup in his teens and led a hidden champion as CEO. Being an active investor in the asset class he knows his ways around real estate.



What should I do before contacting STYX as a startup?

Before contacting STYX to inquire about a potential investment, founders should consider STYX's investment criteria. STYX invests at the earliest stage possible in European companies carrying a strong Urban Living Lab use case and value-add potential. STYX invests in startups in the following verticals: PropTech, Green & CleanTech, Smart City, and ConTech.

How do I make sure my pitch deck is on top of the pile?

We generally try to follow up with any startup inquiry that broadly matches our investment criteria. To ensure you are on top of the pile, highlight why you think you are an Urban Living Lab match or try to receive a warm intro through a network partner or fellow VC fund. Moreover, submitting your pitch deck through our website is definitely a great option.

STYX has no Urban Living Lab in my European location. What can I do?

STYX considers and has, in the past, invested in startups across Europe, no matter if a local Urban Living Lab exists in the given location. Just contact us through the contact options provided on the website (Submit your PitchDeck, LinkedIn, Email).

Why is STYX focusing on cities and buildings?

On the way to achieving EU climate goals, cities and buildings are a giant factor, and we think it's an amazing opportunity. Currently, 70% of emissions are produced in cities, and by 2030, 58% of the housing stock will be unrentable under EU taxonomy. The time to act on this opportunity is now.

I am not a startup. How can I collaborate with STYX?

STYX collaborates closely with the municipalities where it operates its Urban Living Labs, and we are constantly looking to expand to new locations. So, if your city wants to unlock private funding on the way to achieving public policy goals, you know where to find us.

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