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February 26, 2024

Investing in Ei Solutions

February 27, 2024
Investing in Ei Solutions

As financial market enthusiasts we’re intrigued by pivotal dynamics creating new market categories and giving rise to new category champions. In the past, these dynamics have been driven by both technology and regulation. Today, we’re witnessing the growing inflection of real estate capital markets by ESG and climate policy all across the world, especially in Europe.

With partly contradicting policies to fight an ongoing housing crisis and reach ambitious climate goals, the real estate capital market is under pressure. To play its part in the future of a functional European policy strategy, we believe the real estate capital market needs more transparency. It needs not just more, but a different type of transparency, in particular regarding the massive climate risks dozing in every property - think energetic refurbishment or retrofitting of solar energy.

Enter Ei Solutions, the first platform offering comprehensive and automated climate risk management for the real estate industry. Translating climate risk into financial risk, thus channeling it straight into the balance sheet, Ei Solutions creates transparency for owners, pension funds and loan providers in the real estate capital market. As of today climate risk assessment in real estate is a costly and manual process involving several service providers. Even though standards and certificates such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) are in place, the outcome of such analysis is far less comparable than other risk categories in real estate. Ei Solutions is not just significantly shortening and easing this process, it goes beyond and creates comparability by translating climate risk into financial risk, achieving additional transparency for all players in the real estate capital market.

Boosted by the EUs Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - non-compliance is penalized since the start of 2024 - the Norwegian startup has great momentum to conquer a growing, yet widely untapped and analog market. Innovations in capital markets, like Ei Solutions, have led to increased price transparency, liquidity and a broader field of market participants in the past. Furthermore, early movers benefit from a competitive advantage as new supply begets demand and so on, driving up valuation multiples above PropTech market standards.

Today, we’re happy to announce that STYX is leading Ei Solutions first equity round alongside Norwegian business angels. We look forward to support the young visionary team around the three founders Marit, Gustav and Mathias on their journey.

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